Elk Hunt Descriptions



Guided Hunt


  • Guides: A guided hunt usually consists of 1 guide per two hunters for rifle, muzzle loader and archery.
  • Please email or call Bobby Lane for more information on a 1 on 1 guided hunt.
  • Accommodations: Most camp sites with 4 hunters or more will have 2 large tents, or 3 smaller sized tents. We will have a tent for the hunters, a staff tent and a cook tent. Propane heaters and wood burning stoves are available at each guided camp. Firewood will also be provided.
  • Cook: There will be a quality camp cook at each guided camp.
  • Stock: Stock is necessary to bring hunters and their gear to camp. Stock may or may not be left at our guided camps. Hunting is typically close to the camp and horses and/or mules are not needed to hunt off of. A satellite phone will be available at the guided camp sites. The harvested game will typically be packed out when the hunt is over.
  • Harvested animal care: Hunters will have the option to help retrieve a harvested animal if they wish to, otherwise the guide and staff will take care of retrieving the animal. Guides will also be available to cape out animals if desired by hunter.



Drop Camp


  • Guides: Not provided
  • Accommodations: 1 cook tent and 1 sleeping tent will be provided complete with wood burning stoves. A table, chairs and complete cook set will be provided for the cook tent. A cot and pad will be provided for each hunter. The first night of firewood will also be provided.
  • Stock: No stock will be left in camp. A wrangler will come by every other day at a designated time to bring game back to base camp if necessary or a spot communication system may be provided to communicate with staff at base camp.
  • Food: Not provided.
  • Cook: No cook will be provided.
  • Harvested animal care: Hunters must assist in transporting harvested animals back to camp. The wrangler will not assist in capping animals for taxidermy. The Flat Tops have 4 months of snow free weather, and the nights are always cold. So you won’t have to worry about meat spoilage. We take all the meat and horns and capes out when the hunt is over.